Healthcare Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

A Security Risk Assessment (SRA) by GT Global Network can help you avoid an embarrassing and costly PHI breach, while providing you with the necessary documentation to satisfy Meaningful Use requirements and protect you in the event of an ONC audit.


The consequences and cost of a patient data breach can be staggering. Fines, restitution, remediation, brand reputation, and legal expenses can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The damage to your reputation can last for years, resulting in even greater financial losses.  


Don't risk it. Get started today.

Meet and exceed Meaningful Use and ONC audit requirements!

The GT Global Network Security Risk Assessment involves a comprehensive analysis of these essential items:

  • Review and update PHI inventory to determine where electronic and other data is located 

  • Examination of the three safeguards required by 45 CFR 164.308 (a)(1) — administrative, physical and technical, including the latest HITECH and Omnibus Rule changes

  • Assessment of current HIPAA security compliance operations including safeguards in place, as well as vulnerabilities and specific threats to safeguards 

  • Evaluation of existing security policies and procedures to ensure they are sufficient to be effective, currently operational, and meet compliance programs appropriate for your size organization

  • Evaluation of cloud service providers and business associates

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